Tame the Volatile Security Turf

Smart reinforcement to the security posture.
Preempt, intercept and diffuse live threats.


Specializing in the niche space of proactive cyber-defense, and adaptive resilience, team Verastel is launching SPARK and SNoOps from their arsenal, bolstering enterprise digital security like never before.


Security Profiling, Assessment &
Remediation Kit.

SPARK excels in the art and science of identifying vulnerable gaps, a rewarding journey in itself from assessing through reinforcing security with constant validation.


Security No Operations

The dynamic threat diffusing system enabling organizations to be ever ready & resilient to combat live threats. Perceive, Intercept & Thwart Threats as they emerge.


Meet our esteemed customers, a host of forward-thinking businesses who trusted our vision and became early adopters of our advanced product line.


A cybersecurity practice driven by Verastel product line ensures seamless alignment to their strategic goals and compliance.

Partnership Program

Our implementation partners are fundamental in the journey to deliver customer success in all stages of engagement, from assessment through remediation services. Positioned as integral contributors within the Verastel value chain, they serve as the frontline for deployment and maintenance, embodying a commitment to excellence and seamless service delivery.


Unlocking Success Together: Join Our Partnership Program!
At Verastel, we believe in the power of the ecosystem. Our partnership programs are designed to foster mutually beneficial relationships, empowering you to unlock new opportunities and scale your business to greater heights.

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Our Team

Fueled by passion, our dedicated team is actively developing a robust cybersecurity product line in alignment with the visionary direction set by our distinguished leadership.

Our team’s constant urge to innovate and stay abreast with latest industry benchmarks and standards empowers us to create infallible products that ensure that the best cybersecurity practices prevail.

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Our Ecosystem members be it customers, partners, or auditors 
have endorsed our product performance and our ethos