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Verastel SPARK: Pioneering Zero Trust Cybersecurity for a Safer Digital Future

January 10th, 2024

Eficens Systems, headquartered in the USA, announces a groundbreaking milestone in its pursuit of technological excellence. As a global IT services and consulting company with a significant presence in the USA, Canada, Europe, Dubai, and India, Eficens Systems has solidified its position as an industry force.

Our Mission: Eficens Systems is on a mission to empower businesses worldwide, enabling them to leverage Information Technology as a strategic asset. Our commitment to unwavering customer satisfaction, combined with our technological expertise and flawless execution, sets us apart as a beacon of excellence in the IT landscape.

We are thrilled to inform Verastel, an Eficens company, will be launching its flagship product, SPARK (Security Profiling, Assessment & Remediation Kit), a revolutionary leap in cybersecurity. SPARK is engineered to bolster enterprise defenses, reducing the risk of breaches stemming from network and security configuration-related errors. It not only fortifies security but also enhances compliance with industry standards.

Key Features of SPARK:

  • InteliScoreTM System: Synthesizes diverse benchmarks simultaneously.
  • Score-Based Vulnerability Scanning: A pioneering approach that prioritizes and mitigates risks effectively.
  • DeltaTracerTM: Provides real-time monitoring of system configurations.
  • Granular Analysis: Offers insights from multiple perspectives, including interfaces and policy levels.
  • OEM-Agnostic Compatibility: Ideal for heterogeneous environments, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid setups.
  • Automation and Expert Services: Accelerates vulnerability detection and remediation.

Eficens Systems is proud to integrate Verastel SPARK SecOps capabilities with its DiscoverCloud managed services offerings, creating a comprehensive suite spanning FinOps, DevOps services, and SecOps. This synergy enables a robust zero trust cybersecurity framework across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Sanjeev Kumar, CEO of Eficens Systems, emphasizes their commitment to innovation in zero trust cloud security, saying, “Our investments in products and accelerates, including Verastel SPARK and DiscoverCloud, exemplify our dedication to delivering best value for investments while exceeding regulatory and compliance obligations.”

With Verastel SPARK, Eficens Systems sets a new standard for cybersecurity, ushering in a safer digital future for businesses worldwide.

About Eficens Systems

Eficens Systems is a global IT services and consulting company headquartered in the USA. With a significant international presence, we specialize in empowering businesses to harness the potential of Information Technology as a strategic asset, guided by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and technological expertise.

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Prathyusha Venigandla

CAO at Eficens Systems